3 Vision Concerns To Watch Out For

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Your vision is important, but we all take it for granted until it's too late. Going to the eye doctor every year for a checkup and eye exam is necessary in order to keep up with your eye health. It's also important to get to the optometrist when you have vision issues before they become much bigger problems for you. Read on for a few vision concerns to keep an eye out for.

1. Hazy Vision

If your vision is becoming hazy, such as everything is blurred or just has a general haze surrounding everything you look at, your vision may be failing. It could be more than just a change in your vision. It could be something else such as early signs of glaucoma. If your vision is changing and it seems to be with everything you look at, not just things far away or things close up to you, it may be something worse. Get to the optometrist for a checkup and eye exam.

2. White Spots On The Eye

If you have any spots on your actual eye, it can hinder your vision, and it can also cause a problem for the physical organ as well. These spots could occur when you over-wear your contact lenses. Remember to take out your lenses each day and change them according to the type of contact lenses you have (daily or monthly). Give your eyes a break from your contact lenses. Even if the lenses are breathable, it's still important to allow your eyes a break from them.

3. Stye

A stye in the eye is a pus filled raised bump that can be caused by bacteria and germs. If you are touching your eyes with dirty hands, it can lead to a stye. Styes can generally be treated at home with a warm washcloth and by keeping your hands away from your hands and face. If you have a stye that isn't going away, is getting worse, or is interfering with your vision, get to the optometrist for an eye appointment. You may need eye drops or other types of medication to help treat the stye.

These are just a few issues that can occur with your vision or that could affect your eye health. If you have any of these issues or concerns, make an appointment with an eye care service for an exam and for treatment. Don't allow these issues to worsen and affect your vision or eye health any further.

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