3 Other Reasons To Undergo Eye Exams

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Your eyes help you see, but they are more than just part of your vision. In fact, your eyes can offer a deeper look into your underlying health and wellness. Of course, as with other parts of your physical and emotional health, it is important to know if you need specialized care of your eyes/vision. Here are a few other reasons you should consult an eye doctor.


Allergies may be common, but they should be a part of everyone's normal life. It may be surprising to learn your eye doctor may be able to help you understand and manage allergies, especially if the allergy symptoms are affecting your vision and eye comfort.

For example, if your allergies cause your eyes to be red, itchy, inflamed, or constantly watering, your doctor may be able to prescribe eye drops to help. These drops will help in a few different ways.

The drops can create a coating over your eye, reducing the amount of pollen, dirt, dust, and danger that causes the allergy symptoms. Also, eye drops will provide lubrication to the eye, which will help rinse away any allergens on or around the lens and other elements of the eye. Eye drops will also reduce inflammation, easing away the discomfort, dryness, and overall itchiness your allergies may be causing.


Your eyes may show signs of arthritis, which surprises many people. If you have already been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, make sure your current eye doctor knows so they can help prevent side effects. However, if you are living with pain and discomfort of your joints but also issues with your eyes, you most likely have a case of arthritis.

Deep red eyes and pain and inflammation of the white part of the eye could be signs of rheumatoid arthritis. For many, the redness and pain of the eyes are an early sign of arthritis, and your doctor will be able to see these signs during a routine eye exam.

Neurological Disorder

Finally, and maybe even most importantly, your eye doctor may be able to diagnose neurological disorders during a routine eye exam.

Brain tumors place pressure on the skull, which will, in turn, place pressure on the eyes. Redness, swelling, bulging, and vision issues could stem from a brain tumor.

If your eye doctor notices these signs, further testing will most likely be ordered.

Early intervention is key to your health and wellness, so make sure to schedule an exam if you are noticing any issues with your eyes or vision.

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