Make Your Glasses Look Stylish: 4 Trends In Prescription Eyewear You Should Be Aware Of

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If you're in need of corrective lenses that optimize your eyesight, fashion might not be your top concern. But the reality is that stylish frames have been a trend in prescription eyewear for many years. Patients want the perfect balance between quality glasses and futuristic frames that complement their daily lives.

In recent years, thick frames, square shapes, and durable materials have been a popular choice in the eyewear industry. This new decade has resulted in evolved tastes, where patients prefer slightly thinner frames and bold colors that reflect their bubbly personalities. So, what should you know about trends in prescription eyewear moving forward?

Round frames

Ladies and gentlemen, it's time to bring the 80s back. Many patients are embracing the traditional round frames that baby boomers used to wear. But instead of using the antique gold-colored frames, clear shades and other light colors are the popular choice.

Round frames are also comfortable and easier to keep on your face. And because most people have round rather than square-shaped faces, these frames fit a wider audience, and they can complement many different looks.  

A touch of bold colors

Having vision challenges doesn't mean that you can't embrace your personality. Whether you're short or long-sighted, your prescription glasses can still be designed using bold colors such as red, blue, and green. Expand your horizon from the traditionally neutral color options and match a pair of red frames with a red t-shirt. Similarly, blue frames can be color-coordinated with your outfit to make you look stylish.

UV protection

Frames aren't the only part of eyewear that's undergoing evolution. Lenses are also adapting to 21st-century preferences, now featuring built-in UV filtering to keep your eyes safe on sunny days. Indeed, prescription frames can kill two birds with one stone by correcting vision issues and keeping out UV rays from the sun. This feature allows you to only carry one pair of glasses without worrying about eye safety.

Balancing between thick and thin frames

So thinner frames are clearly a trend in 2020. To complement the round shape, thin clear frames give your eyewear a vintage look that others will envy. However, there's a tricky balance between thick and thin. Smaller glasses match nicely with slightly thicker frames, so they can appear balanced. On the other hand, larger lenses are best held in place by thin frames that blend into the overall design of your glasses.

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