How Often Should You Go To The Eye Doctor?

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For some people, going to the eye doctor just isn't that important. They may not go to the eye doctor until they begin having eye issues, but this could be a very big mistake. If you aren't going to the eye doctor for regular checkups and exams, you may not be keeping up with your eye health, and nobody is monitoring the changes in your eyes and your vision. If nobody is monitoring these changes, you could potentially have an issue that needs to be treated and if it goes untreated, you could end up with a serious eye concern that may be irreversible. If you aren't sure how often to go to the eye doctor, read on for helpful information.

How Often Should You Go?

You should go to the eye doctor at least once per year. Going to the eye doctor yearly can help detect eye issues early and can also help monitor your eyes and your eye health. The eye doctor will keep an eye out for potential problems, as well as watch out for any vision changes. Eye appointments should always be kept and you should go each year around the same time. Others in your family should also go as well, including children. Even if you don't have vision problems in the family, some vision problems can occur due to environment or due to the things you do every day, not just because of family history. This is why going to the eye doctor every year is so important. You need to catch eye problems early and have them treated as necessary.

What Eye Issues Can Be Detected?

Eye concerns such as vision loss, cloudy vision, glaucoma, turned in eyes, or turned out eyes, other deterioration of the actual eye are all things your eye doctor can detect at the eye exam. Your eye is an actual organ of the body, and it should be considered an important organ that needs to be monitored as such. Although some eye issues can be treated and healed, some issues such as vision loss may be irreversible and will need corrective lenses in order for you to see properly. These corrective lenses will need to be updated often, as your prescription will change with time.

If you aren't sure how often to go to the eye doctor, or you haven't been to the eye doctor in awhile, you need to make an appointment and have a vision exam each year. 

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