Eyeglass Prescription Expiration Explained

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You may have noticed that your eyeglass prescription has an expiration date. Most optometrists set the expiration date for one year, some set it as two years. In the past, some prescriptions expired in five years. They have a valid reason for why their prescription expires. Here are some things to know about prescription lens expiration dates and what it means for you.

Prescription Lens Expiration Explained

When you get your eyeglass prescription, you will have a limited time to get new lenses. After that date, no prescription eyeglass outlet will make you a pair of glasses with that prescription. You will need another eye exam. However, the expiration date has nothing to do with you continuing to use your old glasses. If you still see well with your current glasses, you can keep using them.

In the past, there was no consistency in when the prescription expired. However, state and federal laws streamlined the prescription rules. Now, your prescription must be valid for a minimum of one year unless your doctor has a valid health reason for otherwise.

Why Eyeglass Prescriptions Expire

If you're like most people, your eyesight changes over time. Some people experience minor changes while others change a lot. Your eyesight may also change faster or slower at different times of your life. If you wear prescription lenses, vision changes will make them less effective. Many people don't realize that their eyesight has changed until they have great difficulty seeing. Therefore, limiting the prescription length ensures you will see your optometrist at least once a year.

Reasons To Get A New Eyeglass Prescription

Having a current prescription makes it easy to get a new pair of glasses if something happens to the old pair. Even if you see fine with your old glasses, an examination won't hurt. A yearly or bi-yearly exam is a great way to check for changes in your eyesight. Even minor changes can affect how you see. Once you get your prescription, you can get your glasses from any vendor.

When you need new glasses, begin your shopping as soon as you get your prescription. That way, you get full use of your prescription before your eyes can change and you need a new prescription. Even if you don't get a new pair of glasses, you should still have your eyes checked at regular intervals. If you need an exam, contact your optometrist as soon as possible. Keep these tips in mind when you need new glasses.

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